free spotify trial

As a contentious consumer, I very rarely jump into a cost commitment without thoroughly vetting it. This is one reason why I was still manually managing my music library via iTunes, when a 3-month free trial of Spotify came up in my feed. I signed up, thinking this had to be plenty of time to either indoctrinate or convince me it is not a necessity.

Honestly, my first thought was that Spotify giving out free trials of that length was probably counter intuitive. Sure, they got me to sign up, (I was absolutely sick of the abrasive commercial breaks yelling at me about coffee I don’t want), but long term, will I really turn into a paying customer? A company had better be very confident in its offering to let you really dig into the platform before paying anything.

Now, I’m sure that there are plenty of people at that length of time that simply forget to cancel, or any awareness that they have signed up for a premium service, but not me. Never have I ever let a free trial turn into a charge without my say so. Lol, if I am going to waste money, it will need to be on something properly foolish, and not an unnecessary subscription. It is as if I know they are relying on me to forget, and I take it as a challenge not to.

My first impression was wow, I have been so far behind. So limited by my own awareness of music and listening formats. First 3 weeks were an absolute certainty that I would be renewing. And, I probably still will. We’ll see.

Specifically, I really like the predictive playlists. My daily drive became just that and I adored finding new music that was exactly my style.

The veil slowly started to peel back at the realization that “commercial-free” is not quite. Any funded podcast still has their solicitations built into their recordings, and it is a pain to feel like I am listening to conventional radio in that sense.

As the weeks progress, I start to realize that the same songs, and news reports kept playing when using the provided playlists. Had run out of new data to make predictions based on my listening habits? That or, the more likely, I had found my way into a sponsored content bubble. I actually saw a meme about listening to the same songs for 10 years on Spotify’s weekly playlist. So, clearly, I am not the only one experiencing this phenomenon.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still so awesome to have so much music at my finger tips, but with other services that I am already paying for aka amazon, is it really different enough to constitute an additional $10/mo?

I will be officially charged for the service starting March 6. So I am not sure which direction I will head. It might not seem like a great deal of money, or even a relevant thought as I am clearly way behind on the discovery of the benefits of Spotify. What should I do? Is there a good way to circumnavigate the content bubble that believes I only want to hear the same 20 songs? What has your experience with Spotify been?