Being creative is inspiring in and of itself. While working, on the tail end of a good focused session, my brain ready to take a break, I find that turning my attention to something fun keeps the flow going, and makes the not so fun parts easier and that I have a lot more steam charging through them.

I have a feeling, one that I suppose I can affirm or resolve by putting it out there, that there are components of the ways I stay invested and focused, second nature to me, that would be at least mildly remarkable to others. Should the result be more likened to the smashing success I perceived, of the imaginary interviews I conducted as a child, with the Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls, etc. then perhaps not.

There really is only one way to find out. Work is fun in the sense of making tangible an intangible idea. That is really my only necessary criteria, when finding the motivation to do something and when describing what it is that I “do.”

But doing something that you drive, that you are personally passionate about, is so much easier to do. The problem, I have anyway, is that setting the time to do personally profitable (but not economically at present) tasks is HARD. I work, I live, I keep myself, the house, and my animals clean, and then I want to SLEEP. What time off I get is often best spent doing NOTHING for a short time, just to decompress and be able to start it over again.

And I am more fortunate than most. I have (earned) the ability to flex my schedule to fit most needs, and I truly only have myself (and my anxiety) to blame for my lack of motivation, or my delay in success, based on my younger expectations.

Establishing a workflow, in my experience, should come from the personal motivation to handle the work as it comes in, and the faculty to decipher priority as work rolls in. I will be the first to admit that I have allowed, over the last few years, the funneling of more and more time and effort of my company to one client. Each week I have a set list of items I aim to accomplish, regardless of time spent. Meaning, I often work more time than I have agreed to bill for. I come from working for a wage and hating it, to being out on my own and billing based on project. My instincts fall, also because I do work from home, towards actual deliverables instead of time served. This works in the client’s favor without fail. Selfishly, giving more than expected helps quell my personal anxieties about inefficiency, if I am being completely honest.

Staying in motion is priority one. That makes everything else possible, and my character flaws (anxiety, inertia, and working with others) not detrimental. Behind that is survival. I absolutely put work higher on the list that I should, (I worked through surgery recovery and I still six-months later feel the effects) but if it were life or limb, I would not leave the house. I am not willing to put myself in harms way for any of my current clients.

Past that is of course work, as money is crucial for survival, and I also just kind of get off on accomplishing things. Then love – makes surviving worth doing – comes in many forms and species. Then comfort, then fun, then sleep, then my media (movies, TV, games, memes) then personal success…… Man I gotta get that straightened out.