DIY Social Media and Online Marketing

The need for businesses to have an optimized online presence is greater than ever. With so many options, from the myriad of social media platforms, to getting your website to the Top Page of search results, where is the best place to start? If you are wondering what your business needs to cut through the crowd and stand out above your competitors than, congratulations, you are in the perfect place. The first step to getting started in DIY Social Media and Online Marketing is to evaluate your needs as a business. Here is a questionnaire that I use when evaluating a potential client.


Briefly describe the business and the industry in which you operate. What are your Top Goals?

While this may seem self-explanatory it is vital to the success of your online goals. The one thing that any Marketer needs to know, (and no one knows better than you), is your business. Where it is and where you would like it to be. This begins to lay the path for the Digital Marketing plan, as recommendations for online methods to compliment your offline business.


Who is your Target Audience?

It is not a groundbreaking concept that a business needs to know who is acquiring its products or services. Does the business serve mainly other businesses (B2B) or directly to a customer (B2C). Which platforms are best for your business, which audience should be most receptive to the offering, are determined based on this information.


Who do you consider to be your Top Competitors. What makes your brand different?

This is another perhaps obvious concept to the business and its employees, but is very important to use this information to take an audit of what the competition is doing online and how it can be improved upon and/or incorporated into your strategy.


What are some goals / expectations that you have of your social media / SEO plan?

Key Performance Indicators (KPI), are often used to evaluate the current online footprint and measure success.


What are some goals / expectations that you have of your social media / SEO agent?

If you do decide to enlist support to create or optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy, it is crucial to have a clear expectation of what will be provided, how to determine a campaign to be a success, etc.


Through reviewing your core business audience and goals offline, you too can DIY Social Media and Online Marketing like a pro! Questions? Give me a call.